The Hamdard Dawakhana was founded by late Hakeem Abdul Majeed Saheb as far back as 1906. The credit for developing the Hamdard Dawakhana according to his dreams and even beyond goes to his illustrious son, Late Janab Hakeem Abdul Hameed. Impelled by a Seer’s vision and assisted by a determination that recognizes no hurdles, he utilized the nucleus he had inherited, for modernizing the Unani system of medicine and pharmacy.He used his influence to persuade the authorities to open up a country-wide network of colleges imparting education in the Unani System.

Hamdard Dawakhana Wakf that had grown phenomenally over the years attained in due course a position to support education and research activities. Hamdard National Foundation was established towards this end. It became the channel of developmental assistance by Hamdard Dawakhana Wakf to a number of institutions created for educational research purposes; the most important of these were the Jamia Hamdard and the Hamdard Education Society(HES). Under the aegis of the latter was opened the residential Hamdard Public School. It has a full Infrastructure and all necessary facilities designed to provide quality education in a congenial environment.



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