As said by Dr S. Radhakrishnan, 2nd president of India – “Library is a heart of an institution” made the presence of a library inevitable in all the institutions and when it comes to an academic institution library plays a vital role as an indispensable tool of learning process; starting from the toddler-school life to the higher education-colleges till the research and scholar phase and beyond.

The school library has its prime objective as ‘to inculcate the reading habits among students’ but a library not only help the students to be an avid readers but also equips them with life-long learning skills and develops the creativity, innovation, imagination and critical thinking which enables them to be a responsible citizens. The school library offers various services, books and resources to all the members of school community i.e. students, teachers, staff and parents as to make them the effective users and avid readers and also to make them aware of the importance of a library.

The Hamdard Public School also imparting the ‘Library & Information Science’ as an optional subject to the classes XI & XII since 2014, when it was first started and recommended by the CBSE.

Hamdard Public School library provides the basic facilities of issue, return, renewal, and reservation of the books to it’s readers/members. It also provide various kinds of reference services as and when required. It has a big reading hall with a capacity of 60+ students can sit together and read.

HPS library has a huge collection of books; more than 18000 which are increasing day by day and a vast collection of periodicals and magazines. Library has all kind of reference materials, textbooks, subject books and refreshers, OTBA material, general knowledge books, fiction and non-fiction etc. Anyone can come to the library and can easily fall in love with the books of their own interest, due to variety of qualitative books and magazines.

It will be all perfect for your entire life to fallen in love with the books as per the famous quote – “Books are our best friends and as said by Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam – “One best book is equal to hundred good friends. But a good friend is equal to a Library”.

Courtesy: Ms. Misbah, Librarian-Blogger HPS



  1. Dearest Misbah , Greetings! It was a pleasure to go through your article which was very inspiring n excerpts of it should be highlighted in the assembly to enlighten the young minds. May God bless you with the. wisdom n courage to pursue your goal and take HPS to unimaginable heights of fame and pride . Well done ! Kind regards . Zakia Majid Siddiqui


    • Respected and loving Madam,
      Thank you so much for your motivational and kind words, it ensures your precious presence with us. Iam delighted and surely will highlight this in the assembly!
      Best Regards


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