Gandhi Jayanti Assembly @ Hamdard Public School!

A special assembly on the occasion of ‘Gandhi Jayanti’ has been organized by Hamdard Public School. Students have prepared and presented various songs, quotations of Mahatma Gandhi, a skit showing instances of His life, reasons to follow Gandhi ji etc under the guidance of Ms. Rubina Nadeem and Ms. Henna Hassan.

The work presented by the students gets a hand of applause from the Principal and the audience.

Pics of the event:

1 2 3 4 5


Source: Ms Rubina Nadeem, TGT, Social Science.

Courtesy: Ms. Misbah, Librarian, HPS


2 thoughts on “Gandhi Jayanti Assembly @ Hamdard Public School!

  1. Dear Ms Misbah , It is heartening to learn our children put up an impressive presentation on this great occasion under the able guidance of their teachers . May God bless their efforts and aspirations. Warm regards , Zakia Majid Siddiqui


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