A Student’s Beautiful Composition!


Source: TOI- Student’s Edition 23rd Jan 2018(Tuesday)

Courtesy: Ms. Misbah, Librarian, HPS


“DARKNESS” – a poem written by Afia Jamal, student of Class VIII

The moon was bright…

But the night was all dark.

At one corner, sitting on the bark…

A frail condition was rolling down

And missing the happiness of that town.

Her eyes were brimming with tears;

And hands were frozen with fears;

Without any care,

Her heart was broken into pairs.

The one with whom she share her words;

Was, now no more to be heard.

Bearing with a lots of pain…

But All in vain;

Trying to forget the joy of that time

She was reading the rhyme!


Source: Written and recited by AFIA JAMAL, a student of Class VIII, HPS