Book review – Last term of Malory Towers by Enid Blyton

Book Title : Last term of Malory Towers

Author : Enid Blyton

Book Review by Astha Pinhatiya, VII-G


The stories by Enid Blyton are very interesting and have a good moral.

In this story ‘Last Term at Malory Towers’ the writer wants to show that, what an amazing experiences could be at the school!

Studies are very important in our life. If we do hard work we can achieve our goals of life and too can easily achieve our goals at the time, like to be a head girl/head boy of the school.

From this story I learnt that If I work hard, than I too can be an outstanding and an excellent student of my school.

Courtesy: HPS Library




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The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith – Book Review

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I would describe it in two words, simple and elegant! A mystery steeped in the atmosphere of London from the hustled streets of Mayfair to the end of Soho. This is acclaimed to be first  ace-crime novel of J K Rowling writing under the pseudonym ROBERT GALBRAITH. The Cuckoos Calling is no 1 seller of 12 august on apple’s i books store and no 3 on New York’s times best-selling list.

The book has its unique and compelling detectives I’ve come across. It is the book which keeps me up all night until my eyes gave up. Introducing Cormoron Strike as his hero who is neither smart nor very genius but an ordinary detective.

When a troubled model Lula landry falls to her death from a snow covered Mayfair balcony it is assumed that she has committed a suicide; however her brother John Bristrow has his doubts and calls a private investigator Cormoron Strike to look into the case.

Strike is a war veteran – wounded both physically (as lost a leg in a war and using a prosthesis)and psychologically (as his love life is ruined) and his life is in disarray. He is financially unstable, in debt. This case gives him a financial lifeline but it comes at a personal cost: the more he delves into the young model’s complex world, the darker things get and the closer he gets to terrible danger. As the investigation proceeds he encounters with lula’s security guard, personal driver, uncle, friends and designer. Each character recounts his own experience with lula as strike comes to know that she was adopted from a Negro family and her brother John and Charlie were also adopted.

He also realizes that the circumstances of her death were more ambitious than he has imagined. At last he comes to know that she was killed by her own brother; John for the property and he not only killed Lula but he has also killed her elder brother Charlie and her friend Rochelle.

But after reading the whole novel, we still don’t know 2 things that who was the heir of the property and the biggest why this book is named Cuckoo Calling….. so read and find out!!!!

Reviewed by: Darshita Singh, XI-B2





childrens day

Source: Hamdard Public school, Senior Library


The Hamdard Dawakhana was founded by late Hakeem Abdul Majeed Saheb as far back as 1906. The credit for developing the Hamdard Dawakhana according to his dreams and even beyond goes to his illustrious son, Late Janab Hakeem Abdul Hameed. Impelled by a Seer’s vision and assisted by a determination that recognizes no hurdles, he utilized the nucleus he had inherited, for modernizing the Unani system of medicine and pharmacy.He used his influence to persuade the authorities to open up a country-wide network of colleges imparting education in the Unani System.

Hamdard Dawakhana Wakf that had grown phenomenally over the years attained in due course a position to support education and research activities. Hamdard National Foundation was established towards this end. It became the channel of developmental assistance by Hamdard Dawakhana Wakf to a number of institutions created for educational research purposes; the most important of these were the Jamia Hamdard and the Hamdard Education Society(HES). Under the aegis of the latter was opened the residential Hamdard Public School. It has a full Infrastructure and all necessary facilities designed to provide quality education in a congenial environment.