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Environment Week Celebrations @ Hamdard Public School

The Primary Wing enjoyed various fun filled activities during the Environment Week which sensitized students about the various environmental issues,and inculcated in them, a positive and caring attitude.Students were made aware of the delicate balance of our planet and also how they can contribute at their level to save our environment through the activity ‘The Promise Tree’.

Our students very enthusiastically participated in planting saplings in the school campus. The Dustbin Making activity helped create awareness among the students, regarding the use of blue and green dustbins.

The teacher’s talk in the special assembly aimed at reinforcing the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The Pot Painting activity gave the students an opportunity to showcase their creative ability.

The idea of conducting the week was to bring environmental issues to life, as it were, for the children through a wide range of fun, interactive educational activities.

Pics of the Week:

Source: Ms. Anu Jawed, PRT-English

Courtesy: Ms. Misbah, Librarain – HPS